About Us

  • We are a proudly Namibian building contractor, engaged in the construction of schools, housing and other infrastructure.
  • We have construction teams in all corners of Namibia working to complete projects across the entire country.
  • Our group works to meet challenges with innovative solutions
  • Our clients include international organizations, government entities and individuals from all over the world.
  • Our group works to monitor performance to ensure quality excellence and to empower local communities through employment
  • Currently, the company has offices and project offices in Namibia, Miami and Johannesburg. Our project offices are located in Ruacana, Windhoek, Nkurenkuruand Keetmanshoop.

To create a real estate development business that offers world-class property development skills while empowering Namibians to secure their right to safe and secure housing and infrastructure

  • Results Oriented, on budget – Atenu is recognized for its quality construction, timely execution, ethical and transparent business practices, and continuous education and improvement of its staff and subcontractors.
  • Accountability – At ATENU, we’ve taken our collective experience to create our own digital methodology to keep projects on track, accountable & under budget.

Atenu aims to tackle various matters to create a sustainable community. Our focus centers around:

  • Education and training – teaching the community life skills for their future endeavours
  • Economic development – supporting local suppliers and business owners
  • Youth upliftment – Contract young individuals as our sub-contractors and employees to provide them tools and skills for future benefit
  • Women Empowerment – Contract women to promote their role within the construction industry
  • Disability Encouragement – Hire disabled individuals to work in accessible jobs to overtake 5% of Atenu’s workforce.

Atenu is partnered with the Pupkewitz Foundation, and has built and expanded classrooms and ablution blocks in a number of schools. Recently, Atenu completed a clinic complex in Otjomuru to provide access to health facilities to communities in the surrounding areas.

  • Locations: Atenu works to pick the location in neighbourhoods that form a sense of community. These locations tend to be central with high potential for future growth.
  • Customized Designs: We understand that a home means everything to our client. It serves as a place to create memories and experiences that remain forever. Our in-house architecture team works to find the best design for every client, maximizing the potential of the project.
  • Team: Our team works to offer every client an enjoyable and professional service. We offer outstanding results thanks to our team and their collaborative, direct and passionate ways of conduct.
  • Experience: Atenu has experience in and out of Namibia in different sectors. Our projects include but are not limited to housing, public facilities and institutions, infrastructure and green solutions. We welcome all feedback and put it to use so that our cumulative experience is projected in our results.

Our Founder

David Akinin

David Akinin, Atenu’s founder, is Venezuelan and has moved to Namibia with the goal to develop affordable housing. David graduated the University of Chicago with a BA in Economics as well as a Masters degree from UCT in Inclusive Innovation. David has a passion for development and the creation of habitats; performing as a social entrepreneur driven by the fusion of finance and technology. Throughout his career, David excelled in his work for Credit Suisse, Google and numerous additional firms before arriving to Namibia.

“I started Atenu Developments to make housing affordable and accessible to all Namibians. We partner with land owners or service our own land, design and prepare stylish concepts, and we execute with all of our hearts to make the best possible product for homeowners.
Recently, we have grown to provide contracting services to developers, engineering firms and government»

Demand-Focused Approach


  • We have identified thousands of families interested in buying homes.
  • We sit with each and every one of them, teach them about the financial system, how mortgages work, their rights and responsibilities.
  • We empower home buyers, by accompanying them through the home acquisition process, and build relationships with all their relevant employers and financiers for smooth processing.

Managed Sales Process

    Atenu registers all customers, gets their documentation and pre-approval from banks, and launches the sale process
    Atenu provides clients with Deeds of Sale, Specifications and processes it with the banks – through the AP Calculator, Atenu identifies the maximum spending power of the potential homebuyer, and adds ‘extras’ to the houses in order to make the most efficient sale.
    Atenu provides clients with Deeds of Sale, Specifications and processes their applications fully
    Atenu ACTIVELY manages the land transfer & bond registration documentation, as well as payments